Isabel Heubl B.A.
World Debut for "Rocky Dancing Colours"

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Rocky Dancing Colours is an unique LED designer floor lamp with a proprietary and patented technology, which was developed on the concept of „emotional design“ and constructed as a tumbler. This allows the lamp to “rock” forth and back when being pushed over and ultimately rights itself.

Rocky Dancing Colours is an interactive, modern LED floor lamp which has its own app to offer its users highly technical and various functional options. The LED’s can produce any colour in the colour spectrum and have a very low energy consumption.

The unique form in combination with the high quality materials used and the control via app, makes Rocky Dancing Colours a timeless classic design as well as a modern lamp. Its multiple choices and options - ranging from a harmonic colour change up to a “rocking” and colourful lamp - allow the user to create his own individual surrounding.

Rocky Dancing Colours with its playful character draws attention and evokes emotion in adults as well as children. The lamp will always be an eye catcher and can be used in numerous situations and surroundings, ranging from private usage to event locations.

Soon Rocky Dancing Colours will be a part of an entire product family called “Dancing Colours”.

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