About Light+Building
- The world’s leading trade fair for Architecture and Technology


Around 2,300 exhibitors take part in Light+Building at Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre and almost one in two of the over 196,000 visitors comes from outside Germany. After Germany, the top ten visitor nations are The Netherlands, Italy, Austria, France, Switzerland, Great Britain, China, Spain, Belgium and Sweden. The most important visitor target groups are architects, interior architects, designers, planners, engineers, artisans, the distributive trades and industry.

Every two years, the industry presents its latest innovations for the fields of lighting, electrical engineering, house and building automation and software for the construction industry at the world’s leading trade fair for architecture and technology. The main theme at Light+Building is energy efficiency.

Light+Building is the world’s biggest trade fair for lighting and building-services technology and presents solutions that cut the energy consumption of a building at the same time as increasing the level of comfort. At the fair, everything is represented, from LED technology, via photovoltaic and electro-mobility, to intelligent electricity usages with smart metering and smart grids. Thanks to the combination of lighting and networked building-services technology, the companies can present an integrated spectrum of products and services that make a decisive contribution to exploiting the energy-saving potential of buildings to the full.

Light+Building product segments As the world’s only trade fair to combine the fields of architecture and technology, Light+Building presents the key sectors for integrated building planning at the same time and place:

Lighting Light + Building is the world’s biggest event for the lighting market.

Over 1,500 manufacturers present the entire spectrum of lighting technology at the same time and place, e.g., design luminaires and lamps of all kinds and for all applications, as well as a large selection of lighting components and accessories.

Variety is also a distinguishing feature of outdoor lighting – from bollard luminaires, uplights and spotlights for illuminating buildings, via spotlight mirror systems, to street lighting.

At the world’s leading fair for the sector, you can also see trends, such as illuminations in public areas and shop lighting as an element of sales promotion. Together with the electrical engineering and building automation segments, this generates completely new impulses from which you can now benefit.

Electrical engineering
Profitable supplementary business and lucrative follow-up orders – that’s the potential inherent in the latest electrical-engineering trends. As the only trade fair in Europe with such a comprehensive spectrum for electrical building installations, Light + Building supplies the expertise you need to provide your customers with future-oriented support. Today’s electricians are also energy service providers and system integrators. The modern customer wants solutions to be provided by a single supplier. And, as the only trade fair in Europe to present the entire range on the basis of an interdisciplinary approach, Light + Building is fully in line with this trend.

For the electrical engineering sector, Light + Building with the building-automation segment is the most important forum for intelligent building-services technology. Benefit from the synergies!

The product range on the theme of energy efficient systems for buildings / electrical installation / infrastructure in buildings in Hall 8.0 includes, amongst other things, exhibits relating to energy and data transfer, as well as systems for cable management, lightning protection and overload protection. There is, inter alia, some state of the art technology for "smart metering".

In Hall 11.0 where the theme is electrical installation and network technology, everything revolves around components and systems for the distribution and control of energy, low-tension switching units and the construction of control boxes, network infrastructure and security systems. Other exhibits include switching cabinets and the construction of control systems as well as tools and labelling systems for electrical installations. Design-oriented electrical and electronic installations and systems technology in buildings have found a home in Hall level 11.1. The range of exhibits here also includes operational controls and regulatory mechanisms such as switches, plugs and communications systems for buildings as well as security components and actuators for system technology in buildings.

Home and building automation
Building automation plays a key role in integrated building planning as it does, therefore, at Light + Building.

Against the background of the trend towards property upgrading in terms of greater comfort, safety and efficiency, building-services technology is increasingly becoming the most important factor in the battle for customers. And this will open up a variety of far-reaching opportunities in the field of building automation.

An intelligent interaction and perfect building management is only possible with automation and a functional combination of components and building services equipment. Building automation systems and innovative solutions in the field of measurement, control and regulation technology represent a vital aspect of system engineering and combining successfully them calls for an integrative planning approach that takes account of all disciplines at an early stage. For the electrical engineering sector, Light + Building, which now includes house and building automation, is the world's most important platform for intelligent building services technology. As a result of the move from hall level 9.1, where the section was based at the last event, to 9.0, the electrical engineering section in Hall 8.0 and house and building automation are now even closer together and can, therefore, be reached more easily and quickly. The public will be demonstratet here the future-oriented solutions for house and building automation, facility management, contracting and other systems technology in buildings, such as photovoltaic systems and ways of shading buildings from the sun. House and building automation has a key role at Light + Building. Building-automation systems and innovative solutions in the field of measurement, control and regulatory technology are a crucial component in integrative systems engineering. As well as a comprehensive range of products in Hall 9.0, there will be lectures on the latest developments in the sector, within the framework of the Building Performance Congress.

Software for the Construction Industry
The “Software for the Construction Industry” exhibition area presents software solutions for the complete lifecycle of a building. The entire construction industry process chain is reflected here, including planning, requests for bids, project management, building use and recycling.

ACS, which in the past was held in parallel with Light + Building, has now been integrated into the trade fair itself as an independent section entitled “Software for the Construction Industry”.

The ACS Forum additionally complements the Building Performance Congress. Here the latest construction trends are discussed and valuable knowl- edge is exchanged in a series of lectures and seminars. The issues that affect you will be in the international spotlight – one more reason not to miss out on this major industry event.

Plan – build – use.
The varied demands and activities in the construction sector require modern and efficient tools and processes. The exhibitors at Light + Building will be displaying their latest software products, designed to optimise the building process from the outset and reduce costs.

A central theme here is planning and visualisation, e.g. the integration of design aspects such as well-being and comfort in the planning of technical building services. From the drawing board to project realisation – here you’ll find solutions for every requirement.

In the “Software for the Construction Industry” sector the issue of saving energy is becoming increasingly important. Find out about the latest programs for calculating energy requirements. Whether you’re looking for information about energy certificates or tailor-made concepts for efficient building – Light + Building brings you right up to date. Product groups:

> Software > CAD > Tendering, contracting and invoicing > Construction > Project management > Specialist software for planning, execution, building trades and utilisation > Structural design > Specialist literature > Services > IT consultancy and training > Construction portals / online services / Internet