Grässlin GmbH Identify and use energy saving potentials with taxxo

The taxxo Energy Meters are designed for a variety of applications, including metering and monitoring energy consumption in private households, industry, craft, and facility management.

The taxxo M 45-1 analog meter does not require external power supply to reliably show the measured values.

The taxxo ER 80-1 provides an illuminated digital LC display that shows six digits in two lines. The counter can be reset at any time which allows an easy monitoring of consumption and therefore a reliable cost control.

For commercial and industrial applications, Grässlin offers two energy-metering devices with MID certificate that are rated 2004/22/EG by the European Measuring Instruments Directive and are delivered gaged ex works.

taxxo E 45-1-MID provides the easiest and most inexpensive possibility to measure chargeable energy consumption while taxxo E 100-3-MID enables metering consumption of various users within a three-phase circuit.